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Be a Challure Beauty Model today

We are offering this amazing time for you to experience the wonderful world of aesthetics in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

This opportunity is for our new clients who are curious and simply want to improve their body, beauty and confidence within.

We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments and with over 10 years of experience we pride ourselves in delivering the upmost care, treatment plans and consultations to all of our clients for the best possible results.


So what is a Challure Beauty model treatment??


It is quite simply any aesthetic treatment of your choosing with an amazing 50% off. This offer covers a single session or any course treatment to new clients at Challure Beauty

What is the cause?

Model treatments is not only for inviting new people to the world of aesthetics in helping to build confidence within themselves, but is also for promotional purposes to help inspire others. So many people in todays society are self conscious, weather that be from a negative reflection of their own appearance or have set goals within themselves that have been difficult to reach, ie, body weight.

We at Challure Beauty want you to experience other successful alternatives to making you feel great!


What are the requirements? 

To beginning your journey with Challure Beauty, a few needs are required:

Be willing to allow your aesthetician to take before and after photos of your model treatment

Allow your treatment results to being uploaded to Challure Beauty social media

Have access to Facebook and Instagram to like, comment and share

We understand privacy is important to some of our clients, therefore not comfortable with commenting on their own post. This is completely fine and to also add, photos will not be taken of your full face, only the treated area.

Choose from one of our aesthetic categories below





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